The All IN Peer Support for Families Workshops are designed to offer support for you as you journey on the path of recovery for your family and you.

Our facilitators all have experienced many life challenges e.g. mental health issues, addictions, divorce, death, abuse, etc. and are using those life experiences to share ways that they found useful in their own recovery story. We are not psychologists/counselors/therapists, we are people who have been trained to use our lived experiences to support others and we want to support you.

Maintaining mental health can be hard.  Maintaining mental health for yourself while supporting others, can be doubly hard. These workshops were created by facilitators who may share a similar story to you and these workshops just might be that extra support you were looking for.

Please remember you are not alone.

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All IN Advocate vs Enabler; it's a fine line or is it?

Let's take a deep dive into what the definition of Advocate and Enabler mean and how that relates to you and your family member that you support. This workshop has been a game changer for how families use language in su...Click to show more



All IN Accepting your new Normal

As your mental health journey and your family's mental health journey continues, are you ready to look at your new normal through a different lens? This workshop may be that support you are looking for.

...Click to show more



All IN Finding your Family's Path of Recovery

Something to ponder. What is recovery? Is this a destination? Or is it fluid? Do you believe you can be in a place of wellness and recovery even if your family member is not? Have you ever even taken the time to ponder ...Click to show more



All IN Moving on from the Shame

In order to let go of Shame we must first truly understands what this means for each of us. Raising a child or having a family member struggle with a mental health challenge or addiction is incredibly concerning and oft...Click to show more



All IN When Things Don't Seem Right

Raising a child today with good mental health can be incredibly challenging. Now raising a child that you suspect has a mental health concern can be all consuming. It can be a cruel test in patients and fortitude, it ...Click to show more



All IN Survival Tips for Parents

Individuals experiencing a mental health challenge do not just get there over night. And it will not go away over night as well. How can you as a parent survive this? Some things to consider to survive this....Click to show more


About Robyn Priest

Robyn is a straight shooting Aussie who is known to be non-conformist! She is the co-founder of Robyn Priest Live Your Truth, a mental health education and strategy firm.  

Her Post Graduate Diploma involved majoring in...


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