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“The idea of recovery is approached from a slightly different perspective. The family member strives to recover from the emotional turmoil, grief and/or fatigue that may result from caring for someone with a mental health challenge or illness. The family member’s path to their own mental wellness or recovery will be enhanced by a better understanding of their loved one’s illness and by developing effective coping skills. Greater confidence, accepting the situation, and having hope for their loved one will help them to be more effective caregivers and supporters, while also helping them to sustain their own wellbeing. We refer to this as having achieved a level of readiness.”




All peer support workers with RPLYT have completed peer support training, have a commitment to attend ongoing training and receive ongoing supervision. These supports are designed to ensure the work being done by peer workers is to the highest standard possible.You can expect that a RPLYT peer supporter will be on the journey with you. At RPLYT, we call them “Exploration Facilitators”. Their role is to support you to find the solutions for yourself; to facilitate your exploration of your life, options and choices. They may also provide examples of resources that have been useful for others on similar journeys, yet, they are only offerings, it is entirely up to you what you chose to do.

Both Charlotte and Kirsten come from the perspective of a family member who supports a family member who struggles with mental health challenges.  They both have been peer supporters as well Charlotte is a certified Solution focued coach that specializes in supporting families.

You can expect the discussions to be confidential. 

Our sessions are generally via Zoom (video conference) from the comfort of your home. We can discuss other options if you wish.


To see if we are a fit for you and your family, we offer a free first session consultation.  For both Kirsten and Charlotte, they both wish peer support was available when their family was struggling, it would have been a game changer in their own recovery story.

Special Pricing for Starting 2021!

$75.00 per hour for both Kirsten and Charlotte

$49.00 per hour for one on one with either Kirsten or Charlotte

To connect, for a complimentary consultation or to book a session

 please reach out.

What you can expect

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Charlotte Tooley Sytnyk

Charlotte Tooley Sytnyk

Kirsten Drybrough

Kirsten Drybrough