Chantal is a woman of all trades, but first and foremost, she’s a poutine-lover, a self-love warrior, and an advocate. After graduating from her Communications degree in 2018, she soon after completed her eating disorder recovery program at the Women’s Health Clinic in Winnipeg, which became the motivation behind 'Tillie and True.' Her coaching business to help women overcome their personal struggles with disordered eating, self-love or body image issues. Chantal's ultimate goal is to help empower others wherever they're at in their lives. She is both passionate about assisting others to embrace their truest self and thrive in a society that is continually telling us we're not enough. She's a stigma-fighting, mental health advocating, volunteer and spokeswoman for both body positivity, mental health, youth poverty, family violence, and child and youth physical and sexual abuse. When Chantal isn't directly supporting others, she's helping children and youth talk about their abuse in a safe space as the Community Coordinator for Snowflake Place. Fun fact: Chantal launched Mealshare in Winnipeg in Feb of 2018, a social enterprise feeding youth locally and internationally through solution-based organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg and Save the Children Canada. If Chantal isn't working or advocating for our community, you can find her netflixing documentaries or adventuring with her partner Michael - walking their husky in the parks of Winnipeg - letting her run wild and free. Watch out, everyone - this woman is on a mission.

the self love warrior

Chantal Lacoste