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Reliable Team and Corporate Mental Health Support Options:

While every business is different, they all have one thing in common: people – the lifeline of any business.

Because of that, we encourage employers to recognize the importance of mental health and do what they can to provide a supportive workplace culture. Our goal at Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH (RPLYT) is to facilitate the creation of connections in the workplace; something that is integral in supporting employees and team members facing obstacles that may affect them long-term. 

Whether it is implementing Peer Support into your Workplace or any one of our Workplace Wellness Workshops, RPLYT is your go-to for all lived expertise offerings.

Everything impacts mental health, and mental health impacts everything.

Corporate Peer Support

Robyn Priest Live Your Truth LIVE YOUR TRUTH offers peer support services focused on elevating the culture of corporate teams. We supply your leaders with the tools to ensure each member of your organization feels supported, valued, and heard. Our experts will work with you to build the guidelines of an internal peer support program and train your leaders on the best methods to effectively support colleagues working through workplace and life stressors or personal circumstances. Graduates of our corporate program go on to lead strong cultural foundations built on empathy and understanding.

  • Janelle Cancade-White
    The Creator Of Compassionate Conversations Janelle Cancade-White is proud to be Manitoba's first Board Certified Peer Support Provider with Peer Support Canada. She has been offering support to her peers for 10 years in official capacity and for her entire adult life unofficially. She is a mom of 2 young adults, one who lives with Autism, which provides her with an alternate perspective to invisible disability and Mental Health and Wellness. Janelle has lived experience with worry and anxiety herself, and has collected and practiced many helpful tools which aids in supporting others in their recovery journey with empathy, greater understanding and compassion. Janelle's education and experience with Mental Health Counselling techniques, Trauma Informed care, Suicide Intervention and LGBTQ+ Awareness informs her practice as a Peer Support Provider.

Peer Support Systems for Organizations and Workplaces

RPLYT is the leader in peer support implementation in workplaces and organizations. Please reach out if you are interested in what peer support will look like in your world. We specialize in customizing peer support into workplaces and organizations to fit your needs. We are always up for a conversation about what that might look like.

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Curious if peer support is right for you? Please reach out.

Corporate Workplace Wellness Workshops

Young co-workers - Happy people planning a new project in creative workplace office - Focus on right top men - Technology, entrepreneur, marketing concept

Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH offers workplace wellness workshops and guided tracks for peer support implementation in order to improve the corporate team culture. Together, we work in a supportive environment to encourage connection and wellness. Whether it’s changing the conversation culture or lived expertise best practices, your RPLYT consultant will train your colleagues on the appropriate methods to effectively support colleagues working through workplace and life stressors, or personal circumstances.

Corporate Workshops and Trainings

Customized to your workplace


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