A woman who believes in being real or being nothing at all.

Terra has been called bossy, brutally honest and sometimes, loosely, a singer. She's' a mom of 2 teenagers and has managed not to pull all her hair out.  She finds humor in almost anything and is known to throw down F-Bombs more than your average 'lady'.

Terra helps her clients uncover and address old beliefs and behaviours that are no longer serving them. By reorganizing the brain and the corresponding emotions, Terra guides you to achieve transformative and long-lasting results. 

With 17 years experience in the business world, she has won numerous awards for her sales accomplishments and is well respected in the fields of mental health, training and corporate coaching. Trained in a range of modalities including Neuro-linguistic programming and life coaching, Terra's passion is helping people truly see themselves and understand their own power so they can USE IT.

"When we go through life without addressing the "why's" behind our actions, we usually end up unhappy, unproductive and ineffective."  Let's uncover the Why's.

Tthe goddess of all things possible