RecoverME Peer Support for Individuals


We believe that everyone knows their own individual truth and but sometimes we can get lost. Our peer support is based on supporting individuals in exploring their options and living their truth. We help them find their inner strength to go after their dream life.

You may still be unsure what RPLYT RecoverME individual and family peer support looks like, so here are some thoughts.





“Recovery focuses on people recovering a quality of life in their community while striving to achieve their full potential. Recovery does not necessarily mean 'cure'. It goes beyond the reduction of symptoms and considers an individual’s wellness from a holistic point of view that includes their relationships, their involvement within community, their general wellbeing and a sense of empowerment. Peer support focuses on health and recovery rather than illness and disability.”


“Peer support is rooted in the knowledge that 'hope is the starting point from which a journey of recovery must begin.' Peer support workers can inspire hope and demonstrate the possibility of recovery. They are valued for their authenticity because they can relate to the challenge and have found their way to recovery.”




All peer support workers utilized by RPLYT have completed peer support training, have a commitment to attend ongoing training and receive ongoing supervision. These supports are designed to ensure the work being done by peer support workers is to the highest standard possible.

You can expect that a RPLYT peer supporter will be on the journey with you. At RPLYT, we call them “Exploration Facilitators”. Their role is to support you to find solutions for yourself; to facilitate your exploration of your life, options and choices. They may also provide examples of resources that have been useful for others on similar journeys, yet, they are only offerings, it is entirely up to you what you chose to do.

You can expect the discussions to be confidential. 

Our sessions are generally via Zoom (video conference) from the comfort of your home. We can work out other options if you wish.



$50 per 30 min session, or $100 per 60 min session.


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