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About Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH

Robyn Priest

The Co-creator And Chief Non-Conformist

Robyn is a straight-shooting Aussie who is known to be a nonconformist! She is the co-founder of Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH, mental health and peer support education and strategy firm.  

Charlotte Sytnyk

The Mental Health Mom-ager And Co-Creator

Charlotte's kind and approachable demeanour make her a hot commodity in the mental health world. A woman who believes that good is in everyone, Charlotte uses her lived experience raising resilient daughters to bring awareness and support to families living with mental health issues. 

Janelle Cancade-White
 Kirsten Drybrough
 Tyrone Gamble
Jacob Kaurfman
James Hill
Leslie McLeod
Serge Valade
Amy Tung
Tim Koslo

If Letters Matter

What Our Raving Fans Say

Great Team

"​​Awesome training!!! Awesome facilitators!!!"

Fantastic training

​"Excellent training, lots of fun but also serious discussion. I never felt bored or looked at the clock to say, 'is it over yet"!"

Excellent Support and Professionalism

​"Thank you for your passion for the peer support industry/professionalism."

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