So Excited to Announce our new On Demand Downloadable Workshops for Families

The All IN Peer Support for Families Workshops are designed to offer support for you as you journey on the path of recovery for your family and you.

Our facilitators all have experienced many life challenges e.g. mental health issues, addictions, divorce, death, abuse, etc. and are using those life experiences to share ways that they found useful in their own recovery story. We are not psychologists/counselors/therapists, we are people who have been trained to use our lived experiences to support others and we want to support you.

Maintaining mental health can be hard. Maintaining mental health for yourself while supporting others, can be doubly hard. These workshops were created by facilitators who may share a similar story to you and these workshops just might be that extra support you were looking for.

Please remember you are not alone.

The All IN ON Demand Downloadable workshops are workshops that you can access and work through on your schedule. Each workshop comes with a video and workbook. They all average in time between 45- 60 minutes. The are each $20.00 to purchase. If you tell us what organization you are with or support, we will send that organization $5.00.

Meet the Creators of the All IN Workshops for Families

Charlotte is the mental health momager and co-creator at Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH and she believes whole heartedly in peer support and its role in mental wellness. Her belief in it is so great that she changed careers and began working in mental health and peer support. "It was such a big part of my family's recovery story, why not see if it works for you and your family?" is her question to many. Never one to say no to supporting a family in need, her daughters nicknamed her the mental health Momager

Kirsten is the Ambassador of Advocacy and Parent Support at RPLYT. Kirsten spent 20 years in a successful career as a Fitness Coach/Instructor. Perhaps the skills she honed as a leader and mentor have prepared her for this current role. Kirsten believes that we all must "own our story'" and that shame should never follow a mental health struggle. Through her experience raising two beautiful daughters, alongside her husband Keith, she has earned a wealth of knowledge to share with other parents. A trained peer supporter and facilitator, Kirsten specializes in supporting families that many have given up on.

Workshops Include:

Raising a child today with good mental health can be incredibly challenging. Now raising a child that you suspect has a mental health concern can be all consuming. It can be a cruel test in patients and fortitude, it can bend and break your heart in ways you never imagined, it will have you questioning your parenting abilities and can leave you feeling very alone and at times feeling hopeless. This workshop delves into what to do when you start to question that you have more questions than answers. And what to do next

Individuals experiencing a mental health challenge do not just get there over night. And it will not go away over night as well. How can you as a parent survive this? Some things to consider to survive this

Let's take a deep dive into what the definition of Advocate and Enabler mean and how that relates to you and your family member that you support. This workshop has been a game changer for how families use language in supporting their family member who is struggling with mental health challenges.

Something to ponder. What is recovery? Is this a destination? Or is it fluid? Do you believe you can be in a place of wellness and recovery even if your family member is not? Have you ever even taken the time to ponder this question?

In order to let go of Shame we must first truly understands what this means for each of us. Raising a child or having a family member struggle with a mental health challenge or addiction is incredibly concerning and often all consuming. Although Shame should never follow a mental health challenge/addiction it typically does

As your mental health journey and your family's mental health journey continues, are you ready to look at your new normal through a different lens? This workshop may be that support you are looking for.