the creativity consultant

Having begun her mental health journey as a child, Rowena has come to understand the importance of being able to provide youth with accessible resources and tools that promote explorative and creative ways to navigate their personal growth and recovery journeys. 

Rowena studied Music Therapy and her personal relationship towards the therapeutic nature of music, art, and other expressive therapeutic approaches has allowed her to holistically meet the needs of a wide range of populations that include adults and children with developmental disabilities, adults with age-related disabilities, and teenagers with eating disorders.

Always thinking about how and where she can help youth in need, Rowena facilitated the Province of Manitoba’s first in-school cognitive behavioral program with mindfulness for youth and has used her extensive experience as a Youth Program Coordinator to facilitate Youth Band Camps with the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba.  Developing and implementing an in-school creative arts program, Rowena was able to provide elementary and high school-aged students with a safe space that allows them to step away from the structure of their daily school schedules, and explore different ways to express themselves by finding their voice through the arts.  She continues to provide peer support to young adults, as well as facilitate peer support groups for youth on a weekly basis. In her downtime, Rowena likes to spend time  playing, writing, and listening to music.  A self professed foodie, Rowena's perfect night in is ordering Thai and taking in her current Netflix binge.