The RPLYT Approach

What is the RPLYT Approach?


Do you ever struggle to know what to say when you see someone unhappy or not at their best? You say hi how are you and the person replies "horrible, not good", or "I feel like killing myself, my life sucks"? 


The RPLYT Approach is about how to have those conversations in a way that supports you and the person you are chatting with.


Our facilitators all have experienced many life challenges e.g. mental health issues, addictions, divorce, death, abuse, etc. and are using those life experiences to share simple, easy ways to have meaningful conversations so you don't feel like a deer in the headlights.


We are not psychologists/counselors/therapists, we are people who have been trained to use our lived experiences to support others and we want to support you to feel better when having conversations that sometimes feel uncomfortable or tough.


Robyn and her instructors have been using online training via Zoom for the past two years and they know first hand how to use the platform to create the best learning environment for everyone in the course.


Spend 2 hours of your time with Robyn and facilitators and see why the RPLYT Approach works.

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Understanding Homelessness

“I would recommend this course wholeheartedly! Robyn Priest is open, warm, welcoming, insightful and has an uncanny ability to hear what you are really feeling as opposed to what you might be saying. She has tremendous respect for people and has a gentle non threatening way to ask you to look deep into yourself. I trust her heart totally and I always feel that she is onside and supportive even during a respectful challenge. I came away from the sessions with a more honest understanding of my feelings and a promise to be more protective and pro active in safe guarding against others expectations. I encourage people to gift themselves with the knowledge and understanding this course offers. I promise you will not regret it.”

— Deborah Davis

Robyn is a straight shooting Aussie who is known to be non-conformist! She is the co-founder of Robyn Priest Live Your Truth, a mental health education and strategy firm.  

Her Post Graduate Diploma involved majoring in...


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