Supporting our Community During COVID-19




All of us at RPLYT are committed to supporting Supervisors throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We understand that many people who are being laid off are in need of mental health supports as well as the Supervisors who are making those hard decisions.

If mental health questions keep being asked, perhaps it's time to chat with us.

At RPLYT, we have been consulting with employers about just this. Reach out, we have the answers you need.

For Employers:

For Organizations:

If you are being asked more questions than you know how to answer, give us a call.

We have been running ONLINE support groups, ONLINE training and know how to help your organization and you adjust quickly to this new world of ONLINE Support.

And if you are in need of starting new roles in Peer Support, we have the means of getting peers trained in your organization. Reach out, our solutions may be just what your organization needs.

Looking for tools to support a friend, colleague or family member who is experiencing Anxiety?

This is great resource created by people with lived experience.  The PeerZone Toolkit comes with an activity sheet, a recovery story, what works well and a supporter conversation guide.