When Robyn is not training, she is most likely speaking.

Her innovative approach engages audiences of any size with interactive exercises she calls “being real”. Her frank and honest conversations about mental health and mental health challenges, encourages her audiences to break down the stigma and learn how to support themselves and those around them.

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Charlotte's recent podcast 

from a parent's perspective

Charlotte  brings an honest and real approach to what it is like parenting in this new age of social media and the pressures that entails.  

Her approach of being relatable to parents and that she actually gets their world sparks dialogue and conversation about what their world is really like.

She brings hope and courage to keep advocating for their child while keeping their mental health a bigger priority.

The Team also does speaking engagements

1 hour presentations available include:

Let’s Get Real

Looking at mental health on a spectrum 

From I’m just having a bad day to my world is falling apart.

Let’s talk about the whole gamut of mental health

And break the stigma around mental illness.

Where mental health become a normal conversation 
Instead of being so scary.

So there would be less people suffering in silence
Thinking they are the only one
Resulting in less suicides

And a newfound safeness of feeling ok to talk about it.

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