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In corporate, healthcare, and life settings through lived expertise.

What is “Lived Expertise”?

Lived Expertise is a person’s experience of mental health and the journey of recovery. It recognizes the unique insights, awareness and opportunities lived experience provides and differentiates between the lived experiences that all people have and those uniquely informed by life-altering mental health challenges.

Services We Offer

At Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH (RPLYT), we believe that every single person can recover. We also believe in the power of lived expertise and peer support and their role in a person’s mental health story. This is why all our training and workshops are created with that in mind. Always through the lens of lived expertise, either as an individual or a family member.

The RPLYT training and workshops are used across the world in corporations and healthcare organizations and are the go-to training for anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge in supporting themselves while supporting others.

We specialize in:

Corporate Services

While every business is different, they all have one thing in common: people – the lifeline of any business. Supporting people and their mental health is our mandate at RPLYT. See what our offerings look like in your business. They include:

  • Peer Support in the workplace training

  • Corporate wellness workshops

  • Consulting services for workplace mental health and options from a lived expertise perpective


We offer a range of training options either in person or online, starting with mental health training, peer support training to specialty areas, including peer support training for individual and family peer support workers, peer staff supervisor training, peer support group facilitator training, and forensic peer support training.

Not sure where to start with peer support in your organization? Our consulting service may be what you are looking for. They include:

  • From start to finish; all steps to implementing peer support

  • Peer Support Specific to organization. Customization

  • Mental health workshops

What Our Raving Fans Say

"Peer support is an essential part of wellness and resiliency, and with the strong evidence base behind it, is garnering increasing interest across multiple sectors. The way in which peer support is implemented and supported in organizations is integral to its success, and Robyn Priest and their team bring a wealth of expertise, practical guidance, and passion for ensuring that organizations are thoughtful, deliberative, and evidence-based in their approach."

-Natasha P.

Raving Fans and Affiliations

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