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Peer Support in Healthcare Training You Can Trust

Whether it is workplace stressors, life stressors or personal circumstances, peer supporters can provide that extra support to those who might need it. Peer supporter has a greater perspective of mental health challenges because of their own lived experience. This is why we believe wholeheartedly in the power of peer support and the importance of being trained by the best peer training company. At Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH, we offer a variety of peer support training options for all your peer support training needs. Whether it is for individual peer support workers or family peer support workers, as well as peer staff supervisors, RPLYT has you covered. Robyn, Charlotte and their instructors provide in-person or online training via Zoom to create the best learning environment for all your peer support training needs. We use videos, slides, dialogue, interactive exercises and games, and lots of practice to fully equip you to be in communities providing valuable peer support services to the people in need or providing supervision to the peer workers.


Upcoming Training and Workshops:

Here are some of the peer support services we provide:


Peer Support Training

Creating connections is integral for anyone who is on a mental health journey. Learning how to make connections takes a skilled trainer. There is a reason why Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH is seen as the leader of peer training for both individual and family peer supporters. Looking to join one of our scheduled training or are interested in customized peer training for your company or organization, why not give us a call?

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Peer Staff Supervisor

Awesome peer workers need awesome supervisors! Join our training and enlighten yourself with what it takes to be an amazing supervisor while learning about the history of peer support, its values and more. Contact us to join the training!

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Peer Support Group Facilitator Training

Get a better understanding of what it takes to be a group facilitator through our peer support facilitator training sessions. This training is for anyone who wants to facilitate a group through the peer support lens. We have trained many group facilitators who have gone on to facilitate peer support groups for individuals, family members, caregivers, peer supporters. Why not add an awesome group facilitator to your resume and join our training today?

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Community of Practice

Our Peer Support Workers’ Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of Peer Support Workers with a common purpose of supporting each other to share knowledge, cultivate best practices, problem-solve and encourage innovation. Community of Practices are a part of our Exploration Mastery Membership. We offer monthly CoPs for Individual and family peer support workers as well as a quarterly CoP for Supervisors and Group Facilitators. For more about the Exploration Mastery Membership.

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Peer Support Workshops

Supporting Ourselves While Supporting Others Downloadable Workshops

We have created these downloadable workshops for all of you who are looking for support for yourselves. At RPLYT, we believe that support for you is just as important as the support you are giving to others.

Supporting Ourselves While Supporting Others’ Workshops

Our facilitators use their lived expertise to share meaningful conversations on a range of. Are you looking for support for yourself as you support others and don't know how to start? Our workshops are about how to have those conversations in a way that supports you and the person you are chatting with. Attend one of our workshops either online or one of our downloadable workshops and see why our workshops are changing the way we communicate.

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Downloadable Workshops to Support Families:

We have created these downloadable workshops for families who are supporting family members who are struggling with mental health challenges/addiction. To us, family support is just as important as individual support. When one member of the family is struggling, the whole family struggles. We call this the parallel process. And so often how the family is feeling or needing is often forgotten especially in a time of crisis.

These workshops were created with the family in mind, and how to best support not only your family members but yourself as well. Family, to us, is what family is to you.

Our facilitators all have experienced many life challenges e.g., mental health issues, addictions, divorce, death, abuse, etc. and are using those life experiences to share ways that they found useful in their own recovery story. We are not psychologists/counsellors/therapists, we are people who have been trained to use our lived experiences to support others and we want to support you.

Each workshop comes with a workbook and a link to a video where Kirsten, our facilitator, is there supporting you as she shares our workshop with you.

As you journey with us through this workshop, please use this workbook as a place to put your thoughts, goals, and plans. This is just a tool that you can use or not. And with anything peer support related, this is by invitation not expect when we encourage you to try.

Our hope is that through our offerings, families will find the extra support and hope that they need on their family journey of recovery.

We look forward to being on this journey with you, and please remember you are not alone.

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