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About Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH

Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH (RPLYT) is a mental health and peer support education and strategy firm. It is the dream child of Robyn Priest and Charlotte Sytnyk. Its vision is “Every single person is truly heard and respected,” and its mission is “People are supported to gain the life of their dreams.” Robyn Priest’s role is the principal developer and trainer related to individuals with mental health.

Charlotte Sytnyk brings the perspective of a family member who supports someone with a mental health challenge. This combination has provided great support networks wherever RPLYT has worked. Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH has gathered a team of experts who are called “the posse”, and all have lived experience as an individual who experiences mental health or addictions or family members of someone experiencing these issues. RPLYT is the world leader in peer support training both for individual peer workers and family peer workers.

What is “Lived Expertise”?

Lived Expertise is a person’s experience of mental health and the journey of recovery. It recognizes the unique insights, awareness and opportunities lived experience provides, and differentiates between the lived experiences that all people have and those uniquely informed by life-altering mental health challenges.

Robyn Priest

The Co-creator and Chief Non-Conformist

Robyn is a straight-shooting Aussie who is known to be a nonconformist! They are the co-founder of Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH, mental health and peer support education and strategy firm.   

Charlotte Sytnyk

The Co-creator and Mental Health Mom-ager 

Charlotte's kind and approachable demeanour make her a hot commodity in the mental health world. A woman who believes that good is in everyone, Charlotte uses her lived experience raising resilient daughters to bring awareness and support to families living with mental health issues. 

Janelle Cancade-White
 Kirsten Drybrough
 Tyrone Gamble
Jacob Kaurfman
Laura Duncan
Leslie McLeod
Serge Valade
Amy Tung
Tim Koslo

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What Our Raving Fans Say

Great Team

"​​Awesome training!!! Awesome facilitators!!!"

Fantastic training

​"Excellent training, lots of fun but also serious discussion. I never felt bored or looked at the clock to say, 'is it over yet"!"

Excellent Support and Professionalism

​"Thank you for your passion for the peer support industry/professionalism."

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