Leslie is a true optimist, who believes that we all have potential to lead successful lives. She is a committed educator and learner who is passionately curious about the world and the people she meets.

She has recently changed course from being a teacher and principal, for 25 years and is now working in the field of Peer Support.

Leslie has extensive experience working with children, their families, teachers and school administrators to support mental health. Her experience as an educator has made her an advocate for healthy workplaces, with a special focus on education systems. She has worked extensively to help children and their families navigate “the system” as they work through significant mental health challenges. She is an
advocate for creating and sustaining healthy work place environments in order to provide opportunities for all members of working communities to achieve their potential.

Her strengths are her ability to connect with people, curiosity and the capacity for making learning fun, and her strong held belief that change is possible.

Leslie lives with her husband and they share a love of travel, reading and learning. Her favourite time of the year is summer when they spend weeks at their cottage immersed in family and friend time. There they also get to indulge their love of golf, tennis and being on the water. 

the principal of curiosity & encouragement



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