Serge's roots started in Sherbrooke, Quebec as a French speaking teenager with a dream of becoming a pilot.

He realized his dream and has had an exciting aviation career.

He started flying gliders at the age of sixteen with the Air Cadets and recently retired from an International airline as a Boeing 787 captain with over 22,000 flying hours. These were logged over thirteen years in the Air Force, five seasons of forest spray and cargo operation on large radial multi-engine aircrafts in addition to airline operation.

He became a glider pilot instructor at the age of 18 and continued giving back to his peers as a military operational squadron instructor and line pilot instructor.

Shortly after joining Air Canada he volunteered on various union committees.

His involvement in pilot health and peer support started in March 2009 after having spent 32 days in a Beijing hospital following two surgeries over major complications from a ruptured appendix.

This experience motivated him to change their pilots’ support system and improve on the solid foundation they already had. He became chair of the Aeromedical Committee and, then, took over the chair of the Pilot Health Division for the last five years of his union tenure.

Under his mentorship the committee built one of the most comprehensive support network in the aviation industry for pilots and their families, which incorporated specific workshops dealing with relationships and personal stress.

He is proud to join Robyn’s team and looks forward to sharing his lived experience in shaping industry adaptable peer support programs.

the peer support captain



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