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Are you looking for professional training courses to improve not only your mental health but how you connect with others? Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH offers mental wellness training and peer support services around the globe and online. Explore our training programs and start your journey with trained peer support instructors today.

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Peer Supporter 2-Week Training

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Unlock Your Potential as a Peer Support Professional!

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of others? Ready to embark on a rewarding journey of empowerment and resilience? Look no further! Our comprehensive Peer Support Training is your gateway to becoming an effective and empathetic peer supporter.

Why Choose Our Peer Support Training?

  1. Training Synergy: We believe in the power of collaboration. By bringing together both Family Peer Support Professionals and Individual Peer Support Professionals, we create a dynamic learning environment. Each group gains unique insights, broadening their perspectives and enhancing their skills.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Imagine a training where Family Peer Supporters and Individual Peer Supporters learn side by side. As they share experiences, challenges, and success stories, they become a stronger support network. The result? Better service for those seeking peer support. Whether you’re an Individual Peer Supporter or a Family Peer Supporter, this learning collaboration benefits everyone.
  3. Shared Goals: Our training unites peers with a common purpose: supporting individuals’ recovery, reducing stigma, and fostering hope. Together, we create a ripple effect of supportive change within communities.

Throughout all training there is a strong emphasis on ensuring the incorporation of:

• The Peer Support Canada Knowledge Matrix requirements related to peer support delivery,

• The Mental Health Commission of Canada’s (MHCC) peer support values (as outlined in the Guidelines for the Practice and Training of Peer Supporters),

• The principles of trauma informed support; and

• Related components of the MHCC National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety.

Online Peer Support Worker Training: Becoming an Exploration Facilitator

What’s Inside the Training?

• Advocacy

• Mental health system

• PS fundamentals

• Strength based support/advocacy

• Resiliency, empowerment & hope

• Social determinants of health

• The healthcare system

• Stages of change

• Communication

• Conflict resolution

• In the system not of the system

• Preferred communication styles

• Connecting through your story

• Supporting with understanding (trauma informed support)

• Supporting someone in a crisis/emergency

• Let’s talk about the “S” word

• Culture/worldview/diversity

• Stigma and discrimination

• Wellness tools

• Ethic and boundaries

• Working as a team

• Peers as professionals

Who Can Join?

  • Individual Peer Supporter Professionals: If you’ve faced mental health or addiction challenges, your journey can inspire others.
  • Family Peer Support Professionals: Family members play a vital role too. If you have a loved one navigating mental health issues, support for you matters too. Why not be that support to others?

How We Train You:

  • Interactive and Practical: Dive into videos, slides, dialogue, and interactive exercises.
  • Skills Practice: Hone the tools you’ll need in real-world scenarios.
  • Zoom Sessions: Join us online for an engaging learning experience.

Invest in Your Impact:

  • Cost: $750 plus taxes
  • Outcome: Empowerment, resilience, and the ability to transform lives.

Ready to be a beacon of hope? Enroll now and become a peer support professional who makes a difference!

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