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Are you looking for professional training courses to improve not only your mental health but how you connect with others? Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH offers mental wellness training and peer support services around the globe and online. Explore our training programs and start your journey with trained peer support instructors today.

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Calendar of Upcoming Training and Workshops:

Corporate Offerings

While every business is different, they all have one thing in common: people – the lifeline of any business. Because of that, we encourage employers to recognize the importance of mental health and do what they can do provide a supportive corporate culture. Our goal at Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH is to facilitate the creation of connections in the workplace; something that is integral in supporting employees, employers and team members facing obstacles that may affect them long-term. Everything impacts mental health, and mental health impacts everything.

Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH offers corporate Interactive Support Seminars and guided tracks for peer support implementation focused on elevating the culture of corporate teams. We supply your leaders with the tools to ensure each member of your organization feels supported, valued, and heard. Our experts will work with you to build a culture of support where people can talk about what’s real and build a foundation for success.Whether it’s changing the conversation culture or implementing peer support, your RPLYT consultant will train your workplace community on the best methods to effectively support colleagues working through workplace and life stressors, or personal circumstances. All our corporate programing graduates go on to lead strong cultural foundations built on empathy and understanding.

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